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Commercial GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking

GPS commercial vehicle fleet tracking
Geotracker is a UK based commercial vehicle GPS location tracking and driver behaviour monitoring company based in Dorset. Geotracker's commercial vehicle fleet GPS location tracking web application is an extremely effective real-time web based vehicle location tracking, reporting and analysis tool. Geotracker also provides real-time and historic driver behaviour monitoring for commercial vehicle fleet operators.

Geotracker provides real-time processing of vehicle GPS location data from virtually any commercially available tracking device. This GPS location data allows real-time tracking of vehicles on live maps and analysis of historic data over time using Geotracker's easy to use and interpret web based graphs and visualizations. GeoTracker can also supply GPS tracking apps that run on the Android platform or bespoke GPS tracking devices that dump GPS track data 'on return to base' to provide 'SIM free' solutions.

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  • Supports vast majority of commercial GPS vehicle tracking devices
  • Real-time location tracking and vehicle data of your commercial vehicle fleet
  • Real-time easy to interpret KPI dashboard for your commercial vehicle fleet
  • Encryption of GPS location data and web access for added security and privacy
  • Supports GPS location data sent over SMS, TCP/IP, UDP and WIFI
  • Supports SIM card free GPS location data dumps over WIFI
  • Historic analysis visualizations for your commercial vehicle fleet
  • Historic data visualizations for your commercial vehicle fleet

GPS commercial vehicle fleet tracking dashboard
The first screen to greet you after securely logging in to the Geotracker web application is the Daily Dashboard which gives a real-time overview of key indicators for your commercial vehicle fleet. The Geotracker web application also provides easy to review graphs and analysis charts to allow you to gain an instant insight into how your commercial vehicle fleet and drivers are performing.

The Geotracker web application can also be used to remotely program a wide range of commercially available vehicle GPS tracking devices by using the easy to use GPS device configuration interface. As an additional feature this interface can be used to query many available vehicle GPS tracking devices to gain real-time vehicle health status indicators.

We are only currently activating UK based commercial vehicle fleet and bespoke accounts. If you would like to know more about our systems and what we can do you for you please in the first instance contact us using our online form.